Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Church of Fine Arts: Reflection of Final Group Performance

DJ Tilley with the paper vessel before the performance. Vessel design by Michelle Laxalt. Sigil designed by Austin Pratt and painted by Michelle Lassaline.
The Church of Fine Arts was successful in many ways. In terms of our aesthetic choices I think we were smart, simple, sophisticated, and intentional in every aspect, and we successfully transformed the courtyard into something completely new, with the perfect dose of secular and spiritual vibes. There were multiple aspects to the performance that could have used some refinement, specifically a few more run-throughs and perhaps a dress rehearsal with volunteers that functioned as our "guests." However, for our degree of preparation I think we managed to welcome and direct the guests effectively, with sincere attention given to each. I really enjoyed having the honor of making the paper vessel, as well as being an usher and welcoming guests individually into the space with no inhibitions.

Something very critical to the performance was the high degree of uncertainty we had to expect from participants, a result of our public invitation (an invitation that yielded a turn-out much larger than we expected!). It was incredible to see  peers who are normally quiet and introverted participate in the spoken word ritual. The most memorable and probably most frustrating moment was when one of the participants hurled the vessel into the air...rather uncalled for to say the least. Gratitude is paid to the other participant who luckily caught the vessel without damaging it. And although the toss was surprising and rather rude, the action was a result of the public invitation, a contract we signed in a sense to expect the unexpected....Props to Wesley for maintaining his composure so well...I know I lost mine as soon as I turned to see him, forgetting that he was going to wear the beloved red bucket on his head! We also could have worked on the procession of laughter during the ascent to the top of the stairs. A critique I heard from guests had to do with the projected flame, specifically that they were unsure of whether it was a live flame or a recording of a flame...some also expressed interest in perhaps viewing the burning of the vessel from a more distant vantage point (with the camera not as zoomed in).

But, all in all I thought the event was a memorable and successful one...I know I am going to perceive the courtyard in a new way, and I hope others will as well!

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  1. Some insightful reflections on our recent event. Well stated. I was, as well, surprised, pleasantly so, by the return of Wesley's bucket hat! The pope lives!