Sunday, May 5, 2013

Performance #1: Reflection

All in all I would say that this performance was really beneficial and a great introductory performance exercise, despite how challenging it was. I have to agree with the others in the class who found it uncomfortable to sit and talk alone in a room without any audience response…for me it felt like my monologue was all the more automated because I wasn’t able to react to the audience’s responses. The performance felt unnaturally rushed for this same reason.  However, I found the idea of a virtual “presence” pretty compelling… although I primarily thought that I would feel less vulnerable in this situation, I felt extremely vulnerable, and obviously was very nervous!
I wish that I hadn’t performed when I did…I would have liked to experience more of other people’s performances before my own. Being the first person to present a more “traditional” monologue (meaning sitting and facing the computer, in comparison to Wesley’s performance, the first performance) I really didn’t realize how poorly I was positioned. I was too far from the computer and I felt that I must have looked like a news anchor! Definitely not as intimate as I had imagined, and thus not very effective in my opinion. I also was under the impression that we had to have our monologues memorized…so I attempted to do that as well, although I believe I am much better at writing and reading than I am writing, memorizing, and reiterating. I think that memorizing the monologue made it seem much more robotic than I intended…I think Joe described it as a little “dispassionate.” However, I do applaud myself for volunteering to perform early on in the class period, for that is an abnormal move for me to make. And I realize now that after the fact I was vulnerable because of that decision, and that I can only learn from the experience and feedback.

As for the rest of the class, I would say they all did an excellent job! I learned a lot from watching everyone else, and appreciated the variety of stories we were able to share. It will be an inspirational semester to say the least!

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